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We have vowed to inculcate the significance of Quality

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We have vowed to inculcate the significance of Quality

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* 3 years Aircraft maintenance Engineering EASA Technical Training in the Lufthansa Technik AG Shannon Aerospace Limited.

* College of aviation Technology is now in the MTOE of the Shannon Aerospace Limited approved by the Irish Aviation Authority(IAA) Under EASA.

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 House #14; Road #02; Sector #11;  Uttara; Dhaka - 1230; Bangladesh.      

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 Phone : +88 (02) 8991371

EASA Part 66 Cat A1 in Gulf Aviation

EASA Part 66 Cat A1 Aircraft Maintenance in Gulf Aviation

1. Theory Training for 12 Modules

2. Workshop practical training

3. Aircraft practical training 

4. One year OJT in the Gulf Air Technical facilities





EASA Part 147 Approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course under Lufthansa Technik AG Shannon Aerospace Limited in Shannon Airport


Shannon Aerospace’s EASA approved course offers international students the unique opportunity.

Shannon Aerospace Maintenance Training Department is a EASA Part-147 fully approved training organization. Our Aircraft Maintenance Technicians are trained in-house through a combination of theoretical and on-the-job training. We offer training courses to our partner organizations which we will conduct either in their facilities or in Shannon Aerospace.


* EASA Part-66 AML Cat-A


* EASA Part-66 AML Cat-B1/B2



 Nazmus Sakib is now an intern of the MRO Shannon Aerospace


Successful career in Aircraft Maintenance

The Shannon Aerospace Training Department is approved by Irish aviation authority under EASA and the College of Aviation Technology is in the MTO of the Lufthansa Technik AG Shannon Aerospace Limited.

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             Saad Mahmud Shaykat is an Intern of the Shannon Aerospace Limited



Our program is structured so that students are first able to benefit from the syllabus of the Aeronautical engineering, with its coverage of core subjects and fundamentals at just the right level of detail.

Students then start their EASA modules knowing that they will be working towards obtaining one of the most widely recognized and accepted international qualification standards in the industry today.


Students must have enlightened about theory of flight and basic knowledge of math, physics and English.


Efficiency & Confidence


Dedicated Class with Qualified Teacher

Certification from EASA

Visa Support

Training under Experienced Supervisor for 2 Years

Accommodation Support




As an award winning company and a provider of world class MRO services, Lufthansa Technik AG Shannon Aerospace has always prided itself in delivering outstanding service and quality to its customers.


At Shannon Aerospace, our aim is to extend these unique attributes to the way we deliver training, going beyond our internationally recognized approvals to provide the best tuition that the industry has to offer.


With our unique combination of proven industry achievement and operational knowledge, our training are delivered with insight, coupled with extensive practical training including a dedicated period in Maintenance section.


After one year theoritical training in the College of Aviation Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh under the supervition of the MTO Shannon Aerospace, student will join in the Workshop Practical Training(WPT) for 15 weeks and Aircraft Practical Training(APT) for 10 weeks in the MTO Shannon Aerospace in Ireland. After  successful completion of all the Modules, WPT & APT, students will start their stunning career with  On-The-Job Training(OJT) in the MRO of the  Lufthansa Technik AG Shannon Aerospace in Shannon Airport in Ireland & will get the benifit of  500 USD per month.




Our instructors are experienced with instructional qualifications. As part of their continuing professional development, our instructors regularly participate in industry to ensure their competency remain at high position.


As an EASA 147 maintenance training organization, Shannon aerospace is approved to provide training and conduct examinations and assessments to the highest internationally recognized standards.


Our students can be confident that they will be learning from the best, with one of the leading aerospace organizations of the world.




In addition to being an exciting and diverse country, Ireland places great value on welcoming visitors, of which international students make up a large part.


Shannon aerospace is committed to ensure that foreign students have a safe and positive experience while studying here.




Maintenance quality control are in demand around the world in both Ireland and abroad. An EASA qualification will open up a wealth of employment opportunities in the global aviation industry and will allow them career progress.




Shannon Aerospace


County Clare, Shannon, Ireland


Approval No.  IE.147.001


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 Accreditation & Approval of EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance program:


Approval No.  IE.147.001




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