Aeronautical Engineering

We have vowed to inculcate the significance of Quality

Strategic management

We have vowed to inculcate the significance of Quality

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

International Students of Catech

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* 3 years Aircraft maintenance Engineering EASA Technical Training in the Lufthansa Technik AG Shannon Aerospace Limited.

* College of aviation Technology is now in the MTOE of the Shannon Aerospace Limited approved by the Irish Aviation Authority(IAA) Under EASA.

Contact Address :


 House #14; Road #02; Sector #11;  Uttara; Dhaka - 1230; Bangladesh.      

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Phone : +88 (02) 8991371

EASA Part 66 Cat A1 in Gulf Aviation

EASA Part 66 Cat A1 Aircraft Maintenance in Gulf Aviation

1. Theory Training for 12 Modules

2. Workshop practical training

3. Aircraft practical training 

4. One year OJT in the Gulf Air Technical facilities




Clubs & Organisations

Together we will build your career

AVIATOR- CATECH has student club named 'AVIATOR' that is responsible for various event management like science competition, Industrial tour and etc.



Hang Gliding


Touch the Sky


Certificate Awarding ceremony

air asia

International Night(student from Germany, Spain, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Japan etc.)

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Foster friendships for a lifetime

Find common ground with other students through DU's wide range of clubs and organizations. We've highlighted a few here, but there are plenty more to explore. So take some time and discover how many people share your interests and ambitions right here at CATECH. You'll even learn how you can start your own club.


We have

  • CATECH Debating Club
  • CATECH Science Club
  • CATECH Aero Modeling Club(AVIATOR)
  • CATECH Travelling Club


Aviation Club arranging different educational activities to achieve the goal. This Club is operated by the students of the CATECH. Members of the club are particiapting Different International Competitions.

College of Aviation Technology is the Runner Up Team of the Space Settlement Design Competition(ARSSDC)

Al Mahmudur Rahman lead the team. Other members of the team are Sk. Nazmus Sakib, Adnan Choudhury, Shaurav sarkar & Mohammad Abu Saleh.


CATECH Science club organizing different activities like Aeromodelling, Flying Robot and many other competitions.


CATECH Travelling Club organizing Industrial tours in different Airports to have the realistic knowledge and Experience about the Aviation Industry.

 S.M.A Rahim 

                                     CATECH Aero Modeling Club(AVIATOR)

Industrial Tour in Airport

Industrial tour in the Shah Mokdum Airport Rajshahi

Arafat Romeo - in the NASA Lab of Wichita State University







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